i have the ar-mah of god! car bomb’s coming to san francisco

hiomeArmagh (/ɑːrˈmɑː/ ar-MAH

How to Make an Irish Car Bomb Beer Drink:

  • Pour a half pint of Guinness into a pint glass.
  • Pour a half ounce of Bailey’s Irish Cream into a 1 oz shot glass.
  • Pour a half ounce of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey on top of the Bailey’s.
  • Pinch the shot glass between your forefinger and thumb.
  • Place the rim of the shot glass just barely above the Guinness.

i am from ar·ma·ged·don the devils own.

xo to ya:

armagh in northern ireland

so stop in the name of love! i am the god of hearts , i am armagedon

this is a jojo

love from jojo

no lets blow some shit up!

and send the pick up private! asap

one love

home: 54.34794° N, -6.65073° E

sent western union from the big kahuna

french astronomer and mathematician arcangel gabriel mouto. hello moto http://www.cia.gov

aka:  pepé le pew, le big mac

ref: peach pit, to brad pit, human trafficking, kidnapping , nap time: http://www.interfaithservices.org/ ref: pastor r.j

cia link to weblog: 25+17=42  ,

7×3=21 7×3=21 42 star of david (this is a jojo) maˈɡen daˈvid , daˈvid, aka: déjà vu “dovgie fresh 27 club, tomatoes don’t go rotten. http://www.cia.gov


ref: building and grounds , building zero,

william riker #1 “will” lucky 13, good will hunting



the bus


& the ness’s

cia link to weblog:


cia link to weblog:




i am a “Rothschild” a foster kid from the land down under, jojo calling for the pick-up private. private first class

lookie here : 37.7749° N, 122.4194° W


pfc douglas lee thompson 12/27/1969  irish republican army (ira) cia http://www.cia.gov

mr. chow are “doug”

kendrick kang-joh “ken” keong , aka: kenji,   ˈtrīˌad , the  holy trinity , “prism” from within the “person” the theravada , aka: white dragon intelligence, agent : chin li, look for the a

drunk man named “chip” xo , south korea , “dougie” “southie”

i am a ˌkäməˈkäzē to your seoul

the rising son

mr mo jo risen , gi joe

contact cia korea: ref: intelligence operative named: chin li  # (703) 482-0623




“prism” account email: dougtabq@icloud.com , this is a jojo
this is a jojo

cia submission Sent

submission Reference ID: Q1355RW1



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