the devils own #1 son, jojo sir wiliiam douglas aka prince williams (hitch hiking home) email:

armagh norther ireland sir douglas lee thompson 12/27/1969

located: 54.34794° N, -6.65073° E

status: i am “prince williams” i am a alien, an illegal alien, an englishmen in new york.

i am spear chucker jojo from lower main street, i have hair on my ass, and skin on my meat.

one time on summer break in middle school, i licked billy’s butt, aka: kicked his butt, playing basketball.

dexter middle school 04930

jojo is from northern ireland

this is my symbol

love from jojo

this is my symbol

this is a jojo four leaf clover

“pig-pen” gave me the seed of knowledge one day, in a pb&j. that we split.

this is a jojo oo7jj



douglas isles of man

stuck in “capitalism” in what is called : san francisco , california


this is a jojo cross: aka: manji cross

this is a jojo swastika

this is my symbol:





manjo – twins




nature’s first green is gold,
her hardest hue to hold.
her early leaf’s a flower;
but only so an hour.
then leaf subsides to leaf,
so eden sank to grief,
so dawn goes down to day
nothing gold can stay.

“ci” fbi prince williams of the united kingdom
douglas lee thompson 12/27/1969 D3028090 CA

cia link to weblog:


contact cia prince williams of the united kingdom
+(703) 482-0623




cia submission Sent


cia submission Reference ID: FLTR8AJ7

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