public domaine , domain, notice, i-am. airavata , & i carry the hindu god indra, i am douglas lee thompson “prince douglas of the united kingdom, new england. “the prince of maine”

private intellectual property notice hard & soft options

private domaine , domain, notice the alphabet , alphabe7, 27, a-z& all 27 are military intelligence codes of british intelligence. private property

domaine , domain, name  infringement’s start a $300.00 up to $300,000.00 per fine.

use of these codes are a crime, subject to CIP violations ,

criminal computer crime and intellectual property . all my actors are mac’s property of domain name owner.

ref: bir7h , ear7h, birth certificates 52 capitals , united states of america

each letter of the alphabet is “light”  iam prince douglas the lightbearer .

legal note:

“ci” fbi boston, douglas lee thompson

prince douglas & indra god 27 goddess


douglas and indra

contact cia covert officer douglas lee thompson , email ,




cia submission Sent

cia submission reference id: 1C7X8FAC

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