what is the : dow? nyse, for “prince douglas , prince of the united kingdom, new england. aka: “the prince of maine”

dow, = prince douglas

douglas lee thompson , domaine , domain owner, ear7h, earth, prince of the united kingdom new england,

Definition of dow

dought play \ˈdau̇t\ or dowed play \ˈdau̇d\dowing

intransitive verb
The Dow Jones Industrial Average /ˌd ˈnz/, also called DJIA, the Industrial Average, the Dow Jones, the Dow Jones Industrial^DJI, the Dow 30 or simply the Dow, is a stock market index

E-Mini Dow Dec 2017, “prince douglas , the prince of maine, the prince of the united kindom, new england, douglas lee thompson 12/27/1969 006-68-2480 dover-foxcroft, maine 04426, new england


Last Updated: Dec 13, 2017 12:21 p.m. CSTDelayed quote


79 0.32%

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