framing up 2018-2019 task force, for the domaine of douglas. pending operation dates , notes January 5, 2018, part 1 *** dates pending OIG reply ***

legal term:

  1. domaine & intellectual property, hard & soft options, task force, internal affairs, central intelligence agency, oakland, california,  *dates pending, maine / state OIG, washington, d.c. “do columbia” 6do columbia9 as of 5 januaury 2018. waiting response from inspector general. target completion date to secure the domaine, domain, & intellectual property of 1st domain douglas, do, 2058, oakland, california
  2. key person, Timothy Dow & the Dover Foxcroft Police Department uk
  3. the=doughe, “h” is silent in france
  4. 2058, the bill of rights, the constitution, media day oakland, ca. FBI office, dates pending.
  5. france& the meaning of the statue of liberty, ref: domaine “douglas” 1st domain.
  6. 2018 thru 2027″the prince of maine” movie, CIA actors masterclass 2018, finish kevin spacey’s class,
  7. media hub,, & 2019-2027.
  8., “the prince of maine”, Stephen King & the movie “the prince of maine” social call, bangor maine, new england, , ,
  9. joint operation DEA, douglas, az – phoenix, az. ms-13, human trafficking,, Satanic Ritual Abuse FBI, human pets-stolen private domaine intellectual property, hard & sodt options, domaine name

    case prep. 2018-2058. ,

    The Dover-Foxcroft Police Department is located at 182 East Main Street, Dover-Foxcroft, Maine  04426
    Phone:  (207) 564-8021

    Deputy-SOD “special operations division, Douglas Lee Thompson

  10. file, open case in Reno, NV. 100% CIA covert operations, TDIU (or  IU) #2480 February 2018-June 2018. Douglas Lee Thompson. 
  11. Operation “pine tar” ref: George VI is King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Commonwealth. I am doo7, mass arrest coming 2058.
  12. FBI operation “ci” FBI douglas lee thompson Boston, Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI , I am, is my domaine, 1st domain douglas, douglas isles of man, manx ramax, man7, rama7, dates of operation open 2018-2058.
  13. sock draw Douglas Lee Thompson, federal badge, agency address’s, $500 million whole policy “NYL” next of kin, Timothy Dow, standard issue firearm. Douglas Lee Thompson head shot.

    George Howard Insurance , , copy to be sent via certified government mail by June 2018.


    Address: PO Box 219
    Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426
    Toll Free:
    (207) 564-7194
    (800) 244-7194

    douglas so CIA l media account: social media:

    Contact CIA



    Submission Sent

    Submission Reference ID: 3XSJDQTX
    Douglas Lee Thompson, Maine Special Forces, Navy Seal

    By postal mail:
    Central Intelligence Agency
    Office of Public Affairs
    Washington, D.C. 20505

    By phone:
    (703) 482-0623
    Open during normal business hours.

    By fax:
    (571) 204-3800
    (please include a phone number where we may call you)

    Contact the Office of Privacy and Civil Liberties
    Contact the Office of Inspector General

    Contact the Employment Verification Office



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