framing up 2018-2019 task force, for the domaine of douglas. pending operation dates , notes January 5, 2018, part 2 *** dates pending OIG reply ***

cia link to weblog:

  1. 90 days, Feb 2018-Apr 2018 clean up state of maine dmv report for Tim, State OIG.
  2. 3 major credit reports are viewed as “social media accounts” supported by facebook, apple upgrades 2020-2027, & DMV “smart cards” upgrades 2020-2027. I will clean up my 3 for task force approval, * note tim, * all domaine name registered members ® ,  are not reporting to 1st domaine douglas, as agreed. resulting in, noted need for:

    420 should be 850 Douglas Lee Thompson 12/27/1969 006-68-2480 duke-dom, domaine name owner. all  ® should be reported to douglas, DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON, 12/27/1969 006-68-2480, monthly.

  3. I will send certified copy of a $500 million whole life insurance policy, with
    Geo E Howard Insurance: Dow Timothy, with head shot of Douglas Lee Thompson

    Insurance agency in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine

    Address: Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426

    Phone: (207) 368-2568



    by June 2018

  4. I will send task force account info: from:

    Maine Highlands Federal Credit Union: Home

    Become a. MEMBER Register for. INTERNET BANKING Submit a. LOAN APPLICATION · Surf Dude Equal Opportunity Housing NCUA Co-Op EZ Card. Routing (ABA) # 211287638 Privacy Policy Careers Assets for Sale Contact Us Locations & Hours. © 2018 Maine Highlands FCU | Designed by Sutherland • Weston …

    $2500. limit master card for emergency travel. Certified mail to tim. by June 2018.

  5. CIA expectation of  Insurance agency in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, Deputy-SOD, Douglas Lee Thompson to receive standard pay  $71,858+ , paid from, Insurance agency in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, town of Dover-foxcroft, Maine. bi-weekly pay. Ref- Timothy Dow,, to secure the domaine, intellectual property hard & soft options, domain, of 1st domain “dow” dough, douglas. ref: CIA internal affairs.
  6. all pending task force approval dates, and team members. Boston
  7. is the domain & intellectual property hard & soft options of Douglas Lee Thompson, DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON, 1st domaine douglas, “prince douglas of the united kingdom, new england. prince douglas of District of Columbia.
  8. continued Israeli body guard for Kim Kardashian West , is nickname , ˈnikˌnām/ jojo, prince douglas of  the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), duke-dom, lord douglas lee thompson, 12/27/1969 dover-foxcroft, maine 04426, state of maine special forces, navy seal.
  9. Douglas Lee Thompson United States Department of Defense


from Sin City

“CI” FBI Douglas Lee Thompson, Boston, MA. New England

legal ref: confidential or criminal informants (CI),

201 Maple St, Chelsea, MA 02150
FBI, Address



10. 27 club world tour, special music event, “spe CIA l , 2018-2027 planning media hub work.

11. MLB New York Mets scouting & NBA The Brooklyn Nets asset allocation.

that’s it, framed up… waiting up tp 60 months, then, Operation Neptune, D-Day. xo, downtown, Dover

from 6 January 2018

prince douglas , aka: “the prince of darkness” so CIA l media account. dated 1/6/2018

Contact CIA



Submission Sent

Submission Reference ID: MVNMW4YW
Douglas Lee Thompson 12/27/1969 006-68-2480 Maine Special Forces, Navy Seal

By postal mail:
Central Intelligence Agency
Office of Public Affairs
Washington, D.C. 20505

By phone:
(703) 482-0623
Open during normal business hours.

By fax:
(571) 204-3800
(please include a phone number where we may call you)

Contact the Office of Privacy and Civil Liberties
Contact the Office of Inspector General

Contact the Employment Verification Office

prince douglas


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