matthew paige damon, do you like apples? apartheid? math, you didn’t know? what is black brier?

matt damon


this is black, douglas

brier, braille, dots

dots are douglas, douglas is the protector of mafia, so don’t takes this wrong matt.

douglas the prince of maine

fort bragg, fort braille,

douglas braille general. douglas bourne


brigade, branch, british, enlisted, englishman, englishmafia. a sub division of an army.

this is water, douglas


brands, brains, breath, are dots, dots are douglas.

brah-man, braille mafia

spring break , ref, pcb. spring braille

breast are braille, raised dots, dots are douglas.

breast feed, braille feed, bride


bread, braille

douglas the living bread


beathalyzer .

face braille out

face break out

w dot facebook dot com


prince douglas of the united kingdom 4/22/2018

priscilla chan and douglas lee thompson prince-dom


Contact CIA



Submission Sent

Submission Reference ID: 6747TEMJ
sincerely from sin city, downtown las vegas, nv.
this is doctor douglas lee thompson

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