“the fumble” the future, knowing the future, future words, future names, future nations. 1987, and im not noah douglas thompson, im douglas lee thompson the dog pound. michel de nostredame. pounds are for the poor. cleveland is claudia nicole thompson’s 18. missing teen, missing adult, the clark in clark county nevada. im douglas county nevada. county, conor anthony mcgregor . claudia & conor “clark county” last computer use conor is 8/13/201. the future conor.

noun: dawg; plural noun: dawgs a 1987 fumble
  1. nonstandard spelling of dog, used especially to represent American speech. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dawg_Pound https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Cleveland_Browns_seasons

    “The Fumble”Running back Earnest Byner took a hand-off and appeared to heading for a score.Just before he reached the goal line, Broncos defensive back Jeremiah Castille jarred the ball loose. Denver recovered and advanced to its second straight Super Bowl appearance.

    The Browns still haven’t reached the Super Bowl. the future https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/ NFL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Tagliabue last computer use conor, https://www.facebook.com/thenotoriousmma by douglas date 8/13/2018. the browns are Brett Charles Young (born March 23, 1981)

    future names , “your name is your nation” https://www.facebook.com/NancyPelosi/

    x, d and r

    llewellyn’s complete book of names

    k.m. sheard


    llewellyn’s publications woodbury minnesota ISBN 978-0-7387-2368-6









    fucker fuckhead


    fuck up

    fuck wit

    noun: future; noun: the future; plural noun: futures
    1. 1.
      the time or a period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come.
      “we plan on getting married in the near future”
      synonyms: the time to come, the time ahead; More

      what lies ahead, (the) coming times
      “his plans for the future
      antonyms: past
      • events that will or are likely to happen in the time to come.
        “nobody can predict the future”
      • used to refer to what will happen to someone or something in the time to come.
        “a blueprint for the future of American fast food”
        synonyms: destiny, fate, fortune; More

        prospects, expectations, chances
        “she knew her future lay in acting”
      • a prospect of success or happiness.
        “he’d decided that there was no future in the gang”
      • Grammar
        a tense of verbs expressing events that have not yet happened.
    2. 2.
      short for futures contract.
    adjective: future
    1. 1.
      at a later time; going or likely to happen or exist.
      “the needs of future generations”
      synonyms: later, to come, following, ensuing, succeeding, subsequent, coming

      “a future date”
      • (of a person) planned or destined to hold a specified position.
        “his future wife”
        synonyms: to be, destined; More

        intended, planned, prospective
        “his future wife”
      • existing after death.
        “expectation of a future life”
      • Grammar

    douglas publisher oxford university press dictionary third edition pages 704-707

    University of Oxford
    Saved (0)

    University in Oxford, England

    The University of Oxford is a collegiate research university located in Oxford, England. It has no known date of foundation, but there is evidence of teaching as far back as 1096, making it the oldest … Wikipedia

    Address: Oxford OX1 2JD, UK

    Acceptance rate: 17.5% (2015)

    Color: Oxford Blue

    The Oxford English Dictionary is the main historical dictionary of the English language, published by the Oxford University Press. Wikipedia

    Originally published: February 1, 1884

    Genres: Dictionary, Non-fiction, Reference work the futurist douglas lee thompson who funded the future with his dollars.

    future apartment 1500 fremont street downtown las vegas nevada 89101 apartment 336 “apartheid”

    v. late 14c., from Latin separatus, past participle of separare “to pull apart,” from se- “apart” (see secret) + parare “make ready, prepare” (see pare). Sever (q.v.) is a doublet, via French. Related: Separated; separating.

    leads to fucking. doublet, sex.

    Fremont reference: fructidor freedom Fremont, greek doron ‘gift’ running august 18 to september 16. douglas black greece & wales.

    oxford dictionary pages 699-707 the future by prince douglas of the united kingdom. the black prince.

    dicky douglas says thanks for the dictionary, fucking dicky.  卐 or 卍 this is jojo 8/13/2018dicky

    FYI dicky

    some sum fucking futurology for you.

    noun: fylfot; plural noun: fylfots
    1. a swastika. is jojo
      pages 699-707 The New Oxford American Dictionary

      dicky come visit douglas in the covert officer future apartment.

      Christian Charles Philip Bale is an English-American actor and producer. He has starred both in blockbuster films and smaller projects from independent producers and art houses. Wikipedia

      Born: January 30, 1974 (age 44 years), Haverfordwest, United Kingdom

      Height: 6′ 0″

      Spouse: Sibi Blazic (m. 2000)

      http://www.cia.gov 27-29 august 2018 http://www.facebook.com/dougtsandiego

      CIA hitman douglas lee thompson 27 club
      email: dougtabq@icloud.com duty officer nevada
      shit dicky check this,
      reference Saint Michael the Archangel is an archangel in Judaism, Christianity
      christanity is christians
      anyways, fuji mount
      a dormant volcano japan’s highest mountain, also called fujiama. dormant=douglas.
      & fufu
      dough made in central africa. the future dicky! funds, dollars fucking right! pounds are for the poor dicky.
      strictly speaking.
      do you know, kelly osbourne i am the same size as  randy “duke” johnson jr. is a’ american football running back for the cleveland browns of the national football league. hi Kelly this is douglas lee thompson 8/13/2018 prince douglas. private domaine.
      you know. CIA handler message board http://www.cia.gov
      https://www.facebook.com/KellyOsbourne Kelly Osbourne
      (1984-10-27) 27 October 1984 (age 33)
      City of Westminster, London,

      Contact CIA



      Submission Sent

      Submission Reference ID: ZT38WLLV

      United Kingdom


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