the dominant narrative is “your name is your narrative” “your name is your nation” russell brand, every word that starts with ru is the domaine & intellectual property both hard & soft options of: russell edward brand & some. the dominant narrative is a douglas’s nation. last computer use 9/22/2018. documented for exodus 20:20. dominion is douglas lee thompson’s.


Douglas Lee Thompson Douglas Lee Thompson pharaoh

extraterrestrial’s come from excavation’s. legal Lee Camp ex·ca·va·tion

the action of excavating something, especially an archaeological site.
“the methods of excavation have to be extremely rigorous” · “students often participate in excavations”
synonyms: unearthing · digging up · uncovering · revealing · disinterment · exhumation · digging · digging out · hollowing out · scooping out · gouging · boring · channelling · sinking · quarrying · mining · hole · hollow · cavity · pit · crater · cutting · trench · trough · archaeological site
a site that is being or has been excavated.
synonyms: hole · hollow · cavity · pit · crater · cutting · trench · trough · archaeological site. say’s pontificalis domus, poor douglas, polic dog, i amir douglas lee thompson is dominion, domaine. legal: Lee Camp do·min·ion

sovereignty or control.
“man’s attempt to establish dominion over nature”
synonyms: supremacy · ascendancy · dominance · domination · superiority · predominance · preeminence · primacy · hegemony · authority · mastery · control · command · direction · power · sway · rule · government · jurisdiction · sovereignty · suzerainty · lordship · overlordship · leadership · influence · the upper hand · the whip hand · the edge · advantage · hold · grasp · empire · predomination · paramountcy · prepotence · prepotency · prepollency
the territory of a sovereign or government.
“the angevin dominions”
synonyms: dependency · colony · protectorate · territory · province · outpost · satellite · satellite state · holding · possession · tributary · fief · demesne · realm · kingdom · empire · domain · country · nation · land
each of the self-governing territories of the british commonwealth. brei Brie Bella. Douglas Lee Thompson exodus say’s dublin douglas, dutch douglas, duke-dom, douglas lee thompson is extraterrestrial’s & excavation’s. douglas a hitman for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) say’s hind·sight is 20:20.

understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed.
“with hindsight, I should never have gone” exodus, extraterrestrial’s, & excavation’s. brei Brie Bella Douglas Lee Thompson exodus 20:20 20moses said to the people, “do not be afraid. god has come to test you, so that the fear of god will be with you to keep you from sinning.” douglas says sit: money & time work off douglas lee thompson integers. information: NSA – National Security Agency Serena Williams Hillary Clinton INTERPOL HQ. police dog Maine State Police – Headquarters Massachusetts State Police sincerely douglas lee thompson on 9/22/2018.

badge number 767 douglas lee thompson
Contact CIA
Submission Sent
Submission Reference ID: FQMRMSTE


hi russell this is poor douglas,

politics are for the poor. “dollars are douglas’s” “pound sterling are for poor” domaine is “poverty stricken” 


sincerely put

this is pontificalis domus, poor douglas. today 9/22/2018 in nevada.


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