future: douglas’s symbol for his nickname jojo is a swastika, it is in all 27 letters Aa-Zz &. future word is fyl-fot. pressed document page 707 fu 699-707. douglas’s publisher is new oxford dictionary american dictionary. third edition. oxford university press. edited by angus stevenson. last computer use 14 october 2018 douglas lee thompson. douglas lee thompson is lucid.

noun: fylfot; plural noun: fylfots
  1. a swastika.

    swastika – william england

    The swastika (as a character 卐 or 卍) is a geometrical figure and an ancient religious icon from the cultures of Eurasia, where it is a symbol of divinity and spirituality in Indian religions and East Asian religions.

    nickname jojoa b c d e f g h i
    j k l m n o p q r
    s t u v w x y z &
    27 club
    club is classified http://www.cia.gov
    https://www.facebook.com/claudia.nicole.18, wanted for fugitive,  espionage, & breach of national security.
     卐 or 卍 clockwise is classified.
     www.dni.gov http://www.nsa.gov claudia nicole thompson april 19, 2000.
    domaine, douglas lee thompson
    kingdom, kimberly noel kardashian
    venus douglas lee thompson
    kim noel ask
    douglas, do you
    solemnly swears to tell the whole truth
    nothing but the truth
    so help you god.
    douglas will say
    i do
    douglas lee thompson
    douglas lee thompson 12.27.1969 social security number 006.68.2480
    dover-foxcroft, maine 04426 new england
    mail: maine
    1500 fremont street, downtown, apartment 336, las vegas, nevada 89101
    domaine status: apartheid, poverty stricken, conclave, childhood, manhood.
    this is duke-dom
    pontificalis domus
    dubhglas lee thompson
    douglas lee thompson
    27 club
    domaine is done.
    douglas county nevada, clark county nevada status “close-encounter”
    cloaked england
    cloaked is classified. http://www.cia.gov
    1. 1.
      past participle of do1.


    1. 1.
      used as a nonstandard past tense of do1.
      “I done a lot of rodeoin'”
      • used with a standard past tense verb to indicate absoluteness or completion.
        “I done told you to zipper your lips”
    adjective: done
    1. 1.
      (of food) cooked thoroughly.
      “the turkey will be done soon”
      synonyms: cooked (through), ready

      “is the meat done?”
      antonyms: raw, underdone
      • no longer happening or existing.
        “her hunting days were done”
        synonyms: over, over and done with, at an end, finished, ended, concluded, terminated, no more, dead, gone, in the past

        “those days are done”
        antonyms: to come, ongoing
    2. 2.
      socially acceptable.
      “therapy was not the done thing then”
      synonyms: proper, seemly, decent, respectable, right, correct, in order, fitting, appropriate, acceptable, the done thing

      “that’s just not done”
    exclamation: done
    1. 1.
      used to indicate that the speaker accepts the terms of an offer.
      ““I’ll give ten to one he misses by a mile!” called Reilly. “Done,” said the conductor

      badge number 767 douglas lee thompson

      contact CIA




      submission sent

      submission reference id: 54G47RTE

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