douglas is succeeding at everything he does, say’s childhood.

super earth.

domaine is in excavation.

domaine legal:



  1. coming after something in time; subsequent.
    “over the succeeding decades, recording equipment got cheaper”
    domaine legal
    douglas lee thompsom


    1. sovereignty or control.
      “man’s attempt to establish dominion over nature”
    2. (dominions)
      the territory of a sovereign or government. david want’s to take government down. 11/21/2018.
      “the angevin dominions”
    3. (dominions)
      another term for domination.



    lucius domitius ahenobarbus

    dubhglas lee thompson

    douglas lee thompson


    douglas is looking



    1. further forward in space; in the line of one’s forward motion.
      “he had to give his attention to the road ahead” · “he was striding ahead toward the stream”
      forwards · toward the front · frontwards · onwards · on · forth · in front · at the head · in the lead · at the fore · to the fore · in the vanguard · in the van · in advance · at the head of the queue
      • further forward in time; in advance; in the near future.
        “he contemplated the day ahead” · “we have to plan ahead”
        in the future · in time · in time to come · in the fullness of time · at a later date · after this · henceforth · subsequently · later on · in due course · next · from now on · from this day/time on · from this day forth/forward
      • in the lead.
        “the Bucks were ahead by four” · “he was slightly ahead on points”
        leading · winning · in the lead · (out) in front · to the fore · first · coming first · up front
      • higher in number, amount, or value than previously.
        “profits were slightly ahead”


      Contact CIA

      Submission Sent

      Submission Reference ID: UVKY8ZGH CIA hitman douglas lee thompson

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