cartel, message via social media

Douglas Lee Thompson downtown LVMPD Downtown Area Command, downtown is douglas lee thompson, domain, domaine douglas lee thompson. police are for the poor. “they don’t arrest” Aries Spears “police dog” Maine Maine State Police Massachusetts State Police the domaine is “poverty stricken” closed is classified “stay open 24/7 365. business hours, business is buddha’s hours=
hos·tages LAPD Headquarters SWAT


hostages (entities)

a person seized or held as security for the fulfillment of a condition.

“the kidnapper had instructed the hostage’s family to drop the ransom at noon”


captive · prisoner · detainee · internee · pawn · security · surety · pledge. Charlie Sheen douglas lee thompson is “capsized” DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON. NCIS – Naval Criminal Investigative Service USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) U.S. Embassy to the Holy See (Vatican) car·di·nal douglas lee thompson. the dollar. downtown.

Contact CIA, douglas lee thompson, elephant head hindu god

Submission Sent

Submission Reference ID: EV9GZ91S Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) witness witness elder Tiger Woods Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods
Contact CIA

Submission Sent

Submission Reference ID: 89DFTZ69

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