Claudia Nicole Thompson, can’t through down, edit 12/19/2018 Claudia Nicole can’t throw down. edited 12/21/2018, last computer use 12/21/2018 douglas lee Thompson, “claudia” the “clark” in clark county. missing teen, missing adult. December 21, 2018.

Claudia Nicole thompson

has dropped her “Thompson” on social media?

Thomas Lee Bass (born October 3, 1962) Thompson is Thomas’s …

what’s that claudia got to do with “douglas”?


clark , suspect in missing teen, missing adult case: an·ar·chist realm kingdom kid’s, douglas lee Thompson th, realm pamela ann woodbury, 12/18/2018 , this kid is classified. where is her “full” name? future.? Claudia Nicole

missing teen, missing adult.

legal term realm “tommy Lee” realm “clark”


    1. moving in one side and out of the other side of (an opening, channel, or location).

      “stepping boldly through the doorway” ·


      “as soon as we opened the gate they came streaming through”


      into and out of · to the other/far side of · from one side of … to the other ·


      from end to end of · between · past · by · down · along · across · by way of · via · throughout · around in · all over · from one side to the other · from one end to another · from end to end · from side to side · from top to bottom · in and out the other end/side

      • so as to make a hole or opening in (a physical object).

        “the truck smashed through a brick wall” ·

        “a cucumber, slit, but not all the way through”
      • moving around or from one side to the other within (a crowd or group).
        “making my way through the guests”
      • so as to be perceived from the other side of (an intervening obstacle).

        “the sun was streaming in through the window” ·

        “the glass in the front door where the moonlight streamed through”
      • expressing the position or location of something beyond or at the far end of (an opening or an obstacle).
        “the approach to the church is through a gate”
      • expressing the extent of turning from one orientation to another.
        “each joint can move through an angle within fixed limits”
    2. continuing in time toward completion of (a process or period).

      “to struggle through until payday” ·


      “he showed up halfway through the second act”


      the whole time · all the time · from start to finish · without a break ·


      without an interruption · uninterrupted · nonstop · continuously · constantly · throughout

      • so as to complete (a particular stage or trial) successfully.

        “she had come through her sternest test” ·

        “I will struggle through alone rather than ask for help”

        to the end · to the finish · to the termination · to the completion ·

        to the culmination · to a successful conclusion
      • from beginning to end of (an experience or activity, typically a tedious or stressful one).

        “we sat through some very boring speeches” ·

        “she’s been through a bad time” · “Karl will see you through, Ingrid”

        throughout · all through · for the duration of · until/to the end of ·

    3. so as to inspect all or part of (a collection, inventory, or publication).

      “flipping through the pages of a notebook” ·


      “she read the letter through carefully”

    4. noah american
      up to and including (a particular point in an ordered sequence).
      “they will be in town from March 24 through May 7”
      up to and including · (from …) to … inclusive
  • by means of (a process or intermediate stage).
    “dioxins get into mothers’ milk through contaminated food”

    by means of · by way of · by dint of · through the agency of · via · using ·

    with the help of · with the aid of · with the assistance of · thanks to · under the aegis of · by virtue of · as a result of · as a consequence of · on account of · owing to · because of
    • by means of (an intermediary or agent).
      “seeking justice through the proper channels”
  • so as to be connected by telephone.
    “he put a call through to the senator”
  1. (of a means of public transportation or a ticket) continuing or valid to the final destination.
    “a through train from Boston”
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    • denoting traffic that passes from one side of a place to another in the course of a longer journey.
      “neighborhoods from which through traffic would be excluded”
    • denoting a road that is open at both ends, allowing traffic free passage from one end to the other.
      “the shopping center is on a busy through road”
  2. (of a room) running the whole length of a building.
  3. informal
    having no prospect of any future relationship, dealings, or success.

    “she told him she was through with him” ·


    “you and I are through”


    finished · done · reached the end · completed · terminated ·


    no longer involved with · no longer wanting anything to do with · tired of

    pamela ann woodbury

    Contact CIA




    Submission Sent

    Submission Reference ID: U4CUCQUW CIA “hitman” elephant head hindu god douglas lee Thompson 12/18/2018
    Claudia Nicole Thompson
    Claudia can’t throw down
    (contact douglas Claudia to clear your name & tommy lee’s) say’s domaine, say’s the hindu, ˈhindo͞o  illuminati, duke-dom douglas lee thomspon.


    throws (third person present) · threw (past tense) · throwing (present participle) · thrown (past participle)
      1. propel (something) with force through the air by a movement of the arm and hand.
        “I threw a brick through the window”

        hurl · toss · fling · pitch · cast · lob · launch · flip · catapult · shy · dash ·


        aim · direct · project · propel · send · bowl · chuck · heave · sling · buzz · whang · bung · peg · hoy · bish

        • push or force (someone or something) violently and suddenly into a particular physical position or state.

          “the pilot and one passenger were thrown clear and survived” ·

          “the door was thrown open and a uniformed guard entered the room”

          move quickly/suddenly · push suddenly/violently · thrust · fling ·

          propel · shoot · slam · smack · bang · crash · thump · push · force · plonk
        • put in place or erect quickly.
          “the stewards had thrown a cordon across the fairway”
        • move (a part of the body) quickly or suddenly in a particular direction.
          “she threw her head back and laughed”
        • project or cast (light or shadow) in a particular direction.
          “a chandelier threw its bright light over the walls”
          project · cast · send · give off · emit · radiate
        • deliver (a punch).
        • direct a particular kind of look or facial expression.
          “she threw a withering glance at him”
          direct · cast · send · dart · shoot · bestow on · give
        • project (one’s voice) so that it appears to come from someone or something else, as in ventriloquism.
        • (throw something off/on)
          put on or take off (a garment) hastily.
          “I threw on my housecoat and went to the door”
          put on quickly · pull on · drag on · don quickly · slip into
        • move (a switch or lever) so as to operate a device.
          operate · switch on · click on · engage · move
        • roll (dice).
        • obtain (a specified number) by rolling dice.
        • informal
          lose (a race or contest) intentionally, especially in return for a bribe.
        • (of a horse) lose (a shoe).
      2. cause to enter suddenly a particular state or condition.

        “he threw all her emotions into turmoil” ·


        “the bond market was thrown into confusion”

      3. send (one’s opponent) to the ground in wrestling, judo, or similar activity.

        fell · throw to the ground · hurl to the ground · unbalance · bring down ·


        floor · prostrate

      4. form (ceramic ware) on a potter’s wheel.
        “further on a potter was throwing pots”
        • turn (wood or other material) on a lathe.
        • twist (silk or other fabrics) into thread or yarn.
  4. have (a fit or tantrum).
  5. give or hold (a party).
    give · host · hold · have · provide · put on · lay on · arrange · organize
  6. (of an animal) give birth to (young, especially of a specified kind).
    “sometimes a completely black calf is thrown”
  7. entity
    throws (plural entities)
    1. an act of throwing something.
      “Jeter’s throw to first base was too late”

      lob · pitch · flip · shy · go · bowl · ball · hurl · toss · fling · cast · chuck ·


      heave · sling

      • an act of throwing one’s opponent in wrestling, judo, or a similar sport.
        “a shoulder throw”
      • short for roll of the dice (see dice).
    2. a light cover for furniture.
    3. informal
      (a throw)
      used to indicate how much a single item, turn, or attempt costs.
      “he was offering to draw on-the-spot portraits at $25 a throw”
      each · apiece · per item · for one
    4. geology
      the extent of vertical displacement between the two sides of a fault.
      sincerely, from sin city
      las vegas Nevada clark county
      this is douglas county
      downtown is douglas, douglas is the dollar. stripper pole.
      domaine is poverty stricken, say’s polish douglas. elephant head hindu god douglas lee thompson 卐, pontificalis domus

      report information, CIA hitman douglas lee Thompson, realm: 12/21/2018



      realms (plural entities)
      1. a kingdom.

        “the peers of the realm” ·


        “the defense of the realm”

        kingdom · sovereign state · monarchy · empire · principality · palatinate · duchy · country · land · domain · dominion · nation · province




      Submission Sent

      Submission Reference ID: 7LUV95LY

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