prophetic in nature time is on Abram side. JoJo , oo7JJ SIS Section FSO DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON, British Intelligence 15 June 2017, legal disclosure FBI notes.

Legal disclosure from the Papal Court , Agent Kale (AK) DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON

the “Holy Bible KJV” is prophetic. National Security alert. dated 15 June 2017, Sent to FBI via the DOJ, on 15 June 2017. sent for publishing services 14 June 2017 ( The Eastern Gazette Established 1853 Published Fridays by The Gazette Inc., Dexter Maine 04930.) ref patent 1888, I am 888 King of England, New England DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON , JoJo, oo7JJ SIS Section 6 FSO British Intelligence

prophetic by design

prophetic defined as: legal term*

accurately describing or predicting what will happen in the future:

of, relating to, or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy:

prescient · predictive · far-seeing · prognostic ·


divinatory · sibylline · apocalyptic · vatic

“the prophetic books of the Old Testament”

future defined as : legal term *

the time or a period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come:

at a later time; going or likely to happen or exist

This book is prophetic by design , I am JoJo, oo7JJ SIS Section 6 , “CI” FBI

DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON, legal fiction ( Ref 27 Club) The Holy Bible KJV is in the 27 club.






Nirvana & the dense forest  of the three.



A lake of fire * 42 Star of David,

3 , to remember : why are boobs good? JoJo

Baby JoJo

a pine box, * the boy from the pine tree State, Xmas 12.27.1969 JoJo (nobody follows a killer boys) Princess Claudia JoJoI95(I-95)NewEngland*The Killer.

jerry lee lewis  is in the 27 club, Ref Patent 1888, I am 888 King. “CI” FBI DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON. , I am a☥&☥. nobody follows a killer. Exodus 20:20 KJV

Lord JoJo DugraLord JoJo

Abraham’s Counsel to Sarai , Saṃsāra Jojo four leaf clover

I am the money in your pocket Lord JoJo

This is a JoJo 1888, I am 888 King, ArcAngeljojo seven, ميخائيل‎ Arc69Angel جبريل

This is a JoJo 1888

JoJo #1 Sun




CIA Submission Sent

Submission Reference ID: Q93NFJTK


THERAVADA AND HINAYANA, MAHAYANA theravada=Avraham , hinayana=”white dragon”, mahayana=doh=mayan, doh-mayn law’s applied to each human. Lien laws, domain rights, progenitor rights & “father Abraham”.
Exodus 20:20, 20.20 vision is joJo, DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON, king, today is mid month 15 June 2017. 1.I am a member of the people and cultural community whose traditional religion is Judaism and who trace their origins through the ancient Hebrew people of Israel to Abram.
ram= JoJo is Aḇrāhām, Abraham. Jewish or Gentile; and in Islam I am seen as a link in the chain of prophets that begins with Adam and culminates in Muhammad,
“father Abraham”, *The Devil (from Greek: … The goat, ram and pig are consistently associated with the Devil. Douglas Lee Thompson 12.27.1969 Mr. Xmas  אַבְרָהָם


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